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How to Order the Right Credit Reports to Repair Your Own Credit

In this week's article, I am going to offer some tips and insight regarding how to order the right credit reports needed to repair your credit.

Believe it or not, a majority of the credit reports offered on the internet don't have the required information (File Number, Confirmation number, or Report number) needed to repair your own credit. So what happens? You try your best to launch a dispute (with the wrong credit report), you find it impossible, you spend more money on new reports, you get frustrated, and you finally give up. Once you have given up, you have saved the credit bureaus a lot of money-and they even made some off you in the process!

Below are four tips that will make the process of ordering your credit reports less intimidating. These tips will also guarantee that you get the right reports needed to repair your credit yourself.

First Tip: DO NOT order your credit reports online. There are over 100 different types of credit reports available on the Internet and very few can be used to repair your credit. When you order your credit reports by phone you are GUARANTEED to have the following; File Number (Trans Union), Confirmation # (Equifax), or Report # (Experian). Once you have those numbers you can begin to repair your credit.

Second Tip: When ordering your credit reports by phone, always choose the option that says you have been declined credit or employment in the last 60 days. When you choose that option you might get your credit reports for free. If not, you might have to pay a small fee.

Third Tip: When ordering your credit reports by phone, choose to order your report without a score. Your score is not important at this time since we both know it needs improving and reports without a score often cost less and are sometimes free.

Fourth Tip: In some cases the credit bureaus will have the wrong address information on file for you, especially if you have moved recently. If this is the case, they might initially deny you access to your report and request that you call and speak to a representative. Don't get discouraged as they hope you do; stay the course and make the extra call if you have to--it's worth it.

The whole report-ordering process will take less than 6 minutes and it's completely automated, so you won't have to speak to anyone. Make sure you write down the confirmation numbers after each call for your records. Below are the phone numbers for each credit bureau:

Trans Union automated phone system Call 800-888-4213.

Experian automated phone system Call 888-397-3742.

Equifax automated phone system Call 800-685-1111.

Once you have received your credit reports from each credit bureau (Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian), you are armed and ready to begin repairing your credit.

I highly recommend a do-it-yourself credit repair system like the one I helped develop - Loan Saver PRO: The One Hour Credit Repair System; here is a link to their site: http://www.loansaverpro.com. The Loan Saver PRO system teaches you how to manage the entire credit repair process and shows you step-by-step how to launch effective online disputes.

As always, I hope the above information helps, and I wish you the best in your credit repair efforts.

Todd Disraeli ? Loan Savers LLC ? 2004-2005

Todd Disraeli has been in the mortgage and credit repair business for over 10 years. Todd's primary expertise is consulting with mortgage companies and helping them turn declined loans into approved loans. Todd uses his extensive knowledge and experience to help mortgage companies, and their loan officer's, work smarter and not harder.

Although he might seem controversial at times, he speaks the truth whether the credit bureaus like it or not. Feel free to contact Todd directly at tdisraeli@loansaverpro.com.

Todd Disraeli Copyright 2004-2005

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