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UPS Delivers the Goods, Your Identity

Well now we add CitiGroup and UPS to the Identity Theft corporations who have allowed Americans identity to be lost. Each time we have another identity theft case, we find larger and large numbers being lost. We have hear of some of them; Petco, choice Point, LexisNexis and the Citigroup, where a UPS van was broken into and a tape was stolen with 3.9 million US customers personal financial data and identity information?

In small cases of identity theft most police departments find a 90% connection to crystal meth drug addicts. So if you lose you identity or credit cards, generally it is a meth user. It is estimated that 50 million Americans have had identity theft issues and over 100 million Americans have bogus data on their credit reports.

If one-third of all Americans have bogus information on their credit, then why are we using the credit information for anything? After all it is garbage in garbage out as they say? As we link up the data bases of government agencies, credit bureaus we find that all the data is bunk, meaning why are we linking all the data together if we now it is all junk data?

So the real question is not just; "is my identity safe?" But also is my information even valid in the first place? Which means you could be forced to pay for a charge that isn't yours or have a loan turned down because of bad data. Or worse be arrested for stuff that links you to something you never did, but in which your identity was stolen in order to make such a purchase? Perhaps we need a complete data dump and start over. Since the systems and databases are so utterly incorrect no one knows what is up? But first we need to devise a full proof system to protect the integrity of the data from theft and misuse and keep bogus data out of the system.

We had a system like that once. It was called "cash" ever heard of it? Well anyone who is born on 2010 or later will not understand what you were talking about. Do you think that the authorities will ever figure out identity theft by then? Or will they still keep using BS data and allowing Americans to be harmed by identity theft and throw up their hands and say well, there is nothing we can do about it.

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