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Cruise Trips: Just How Popular is Cruising?

The results are in for 2004. The number of people looking for travel deals has reached record levels for cruise trips. 10.5 million cruise passengers got on board cruise ships last year.

According to the 19 cruise line members of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) this was a new record for cruise vacations. The Association expects that number to increase in 2005 to over 11 million.

Most of the cruisers included in these numbers are from North America, totaling about 8.8 million. Many of these vacationers are looking for travel deals for cruises only. Cruise vacations have become so popular that cruise lines are recommending that potential cruisers book their cruise packages at least 6 months in advance. Even this does not assure that you will be able to get your preferred cruise destination and itinerary aboard your preferred cruise ship in your preferred stateroom category.

CLIA is the cruise industry's chief marketing organization and the largest travel industry association based on agency membership in North America. The president and CEO of the association says that cruise vacation bookings are coming in "fast and furious". Consumer demand on cruise ship trips continues to rise and cruisers are looking to farther destinations like Europe and the Asia.

Even though there are more cruise vacation departures and more cruise ships and itineraries than ever before, the cruise lines' ships are operating at capacity. A total of 68 new cruise ships will have debuted between 2000 and the end of 2005!

Since 1975 when CLIA was formed, there is about three times the number of home ports in North America. With 30 home ports, North American cruisers have more choices to start their cruise vacation trips from.

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