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High-School Reunion Time? Host Yours on a Yacht!

Sometimes it can be difficult to round up the old gang from high school; everyone is busy, someone in their family either can't or won't go, or people will think, "Oh, those things are so boring."

Well, if you or someone you know is in charge of coordinating your reunion for the "Class of ----," you'll definitely get better results from the get-go if you decide to plan the reunion aboard a luxury yacht, offering your former classmates a real chance to unwind while they reminisce about the "old days" with you and your friends.

Most yacht clubs offer more than adequate dining and banquet rooms for a special occasion like this. One thing to keep in mind in advance, though: Make your reservations early, because this concept is quickly catching on! And though yacht clubs are always great choices for reunions of that size, the ocean, or sailing yachts will likely appeal to even the stodgiest of your past classmates. There's just something about floating along in luxury on the world's oceans that people just can't resist. Add a good party with lots of good food, service, and great accommodations, and you'll have one rockin', rollin' ship!

Make sure, also, that the yacht is fully licensed to provide a complete beverage service, including host bar capabilities. Other attractions to look for are a good-sized pool (of course!) table linens (in your choice of colors), a good ballroom or dance floor, floral and other decorating arrangements, billiard rooms, adjustable lighting, and even a fireplace! The idea is to make everyone feel both "at home" and "on vacation" at the same time ? something that can only be accomplished in few places, such as an ocean yacht!

And, because we're such a "business society" these days, many of your old classmates may need office facilities, such as a fax or photocopy machine, comfortable desks, chairs, and lamps, and even a "board room" for those who may prefer to mix business with pleasure more than others.

Of course pricing is always a factor, and for a luxury yacht, you can expect the numbers to be around $2,200 per person (for sailings to the Caribbean), up to $10,718 per person for an Owner's Suite (for Mediterranean yachting). However, you can bring those prices down considerably if you charter a yacht on a per diem basis. Most travel agencies can handle all the details for you.

David Dunlap is the owner and founder of Only For Yachts, an online resource for everything related to yachts. Visit http://onlyforyachts.com to get information on yacht charters, yachts for sale and also sign up for the free yachting newsletter.

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