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Increase Sum in Your Check Account with Follow-Ups

We'll be examining what makes follow up to prospects/customers so important on our online world today.

Are you familiar with this scenario?

  • Joined an affiliate program with good pay-out.
  • Send an email to everyone you know and/or send an email to a list of people
  • Didn't make any sales
  • Change to another affiliate program
Well, I am.

This never ending cycle is what I used to do.

Until I stumble across a training article from Six-Figure Income Marketing Group ? "The Fortune is in the Follow-Up!" I wake up.

I was clearly informed of this statistics:

The average sale is closed as follows:

  • 2% on 1st contact
  • 3% on 2nd contact
  • 5% on 3rd contact
  • 10% on 4th contact
  • 80% on 5th-12th contact
-- The National Sales Executive Association

I then think: if follow up is so important what information can I give to my prospects?

The answer is easier then I thought it could be...

That is, I can get plenty of informative articles and e-books from the affiliate programs that I've joined.

Gathering all the articles and e-books I can utilize from my entire affiliate program is the next step I took in forming my own follow-ups.

What I need now is a good autoresponder that can do the work for me 24/7.

Throughout my research I found that a free autoresponder is good for short term follow-ups (approx. 20 emails).

If you want to use a free autoresponder be sure to find one that is third-party ads free! You don't want your competitor's ads showing up and get all the customers from you!

I often use free autoresponder for short term training courses when prospects joined under me.

I then use a paid autoresponder to organize a long term email campaign!

Most of the paid autoresponder gives unlimited follow-ups which is the key point to follow-ups and sales conversion.

After you've found the best autoresponder for you or you could follow the link in the resource box below to find out some of the *good quality* autoresponder that I recommends.

You can now start thinking about organizing your follow-up emails.

Here are some of ideas to help you sort out your articles in order:

  • Send all articles and e-books belong to one affiliate program together
  • If that particular program provides both articles and e-books, interchange them. I.e. Send one emails with the articles, send another emails with the thank you notes and a link for your prospects/subscribers to download the e-books.
  • Unless you are sending a series of articles, e.g. Part 1 to part 5 of Effective Ways of Promoting Your Affiliate Products, send the emails every 3-5 days, but never longer than 7 weeks. You don't want your prospects to forget who you are.
  • Always send a welcome email to your prospects to introduce yourself and ask the prospects to email you back. A good technique is to ask open questions to your prospects. Open questions allow your prospects to tell you more about him/her instead of yes/no answer.
  • Always provide an easy way for people to unsubscribe themselves from your list. Your autoresponder should do this job for you quite easy and fast.
  • Caution!

    If you are buying or using free email lists is sure to double check with the list providers the sources of their leads.

    You don't want to end up with a lot of spamming warning!

    Reminder: To build relationship is the key element to bear in mind when following-up with your prospects.

    About The Author

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