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The Marvelous World of Metaphors

Recognize metaphors from every angle and round up more insight into your own innovation. Nobody can do it better than you can!

A metaphor is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase that means one thing is used to describe an object or ideas to which it is not literally applicable -- a ship is said to plow the sea.
Denise Shekerjian

Webster defines Metaphor:

The application of a word or phrase to an object or concept, which it does not literally denote: in order to suggest comparison with another object or concept, as in "A mighty fortress is our God."

A figure of speech founded on resemblance, by which a word is transferred from an object to which it properly belongs to another in such a manner that a comparison is implied though not formally expressed, thus, "that man is a fox" is a metaphor; but "that man is like a fox," is a simile or comparison.

Whenever we explain or communicate a concept by likening it to something else, we are using a metaphor.
Tony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within.

Don't let bad metaphors be a part of anyone's master plan. Especially yours! Change your metaphors to a process of renewed awakening.

All of us and most businesses when advertising use Metaphors.

"Get right to the top and reach out!" Picture a beautiful woman mountain climber, reaching out with outstretched arms on the top of a snow-capped mountaintop.

Metaphors are common groups of words, which contribute a punch to a meaning by association.

There are different ways of defining metaphors. For instance dictionaries explain it as a word or a phrase to illustrate a real thing or action in its relationship to something else.

In our capacity to illustrate the importance of metaphors in creativity we are going to use them in association as related to the qualities which are attributed to creative people. According to most authorities creative people have the following characteristics. But don't we all have them? We hope to share ways in which you can use them to initiate your interpretation in the transformation of your own life.

? Innovative ? Ideas -- Change
? Originality
? Diversity -- Versatility -- flexibility ? resilience
? Humorous
? Aware,--Focused--Committed

So let's go and see how we can apply some of these metaphors to each of these characteristics as applied to creativity. It is interesting how metaphors can stimulate thinking into so many different avenues by association. Applying your own interpretations to metaphors can lead to a remarkable world of similarities in your own thinking and association to incredible dimensions.

We are all familiar with the everyday usage of popular metaphors such as:

"Do you see?" "When you can see through the Hype!" "I'm bursting at the seam!" "The eyes of the customer." Am I on a Wild Goose Chase?" The list is endless.

Let's start our journey into the exhilarating "constellations of creativity."

Ideas, Innovation, Change. Freshness.

"No idea is more than an imaginary potency, a mushroom cloud (destroying nothing, making nothing) rising from blinding consciousness."
Saul Bellow, The Bellarosa Connection.

Think of what Saul means by imaginary potency? Doesn't our imagination rule everything? You can interpret this in many ways but one can imagine a mushroom in our minds, stimulating our thinking into an expansive mushroom of thought. For instance, another perception of mushrooming may be illustrated by the enormous mushroom effect of the atomic bomb rising into creative explosive productive ideas. Aside from the devastating effect of the atomic bomb visualize only beneficial ideas for mankind, instead of destruction. What is your interpretation?

"In the mind-world ideas are the indestructible elements which form the jeweled constellations of the interior life."
Henry Miller "The creative life"

Can you picture one idea leading to a constellation, of multiple ideas to hold sky full of them? One idea of building on the other leading into "Who knows what?" Notice even another metaphor "Who knows what?" Is used to explain another thought!

"Here,/in the rule of my life/the objects keep changing." Anne Sexton, "The room of my life"

One of the main characteristics of creative and innovative people is their ability for flexibility and change. In our world that is dramatically changing so rapidly isn't it exciting that we can be a part of it? We are living in one of the most exhilarating eras for creative changes in all aspects of our lives. Thankfully most of them are good. Think of ways in which you can become more flexible, resilient and adaptable? Is the room in your life opening doors and windows to let your inner self out?

"Luck never gives, it only lends."
Anon, Swedish proverb

What are you doing to stimulate the luck in your life? Are you ready for success? Or are you afraid of success? Many times we don't think about the actual fear some people have of success. Think hard about it!

"All owned the affairs of men hang by slender thread."
Ovid "El Ponto"

One can relate this metaphor with simple events, changes, and incidents and just about anything that can make the slightest change in our lives to greatness or despair. Thinking of the slender thread can remind one of the metaphor, "The Sword of Domacles" when his King, in order to remind Domacles how precarious his position in life was at the Palace. At a banquet in honor of Domacles, the King placed a sword directly over Domacles head, hanging by a few horsehairs. The implication, "Just a reminder of who is really the boss!" Couldn't anyone of our simple deeds of kindness be that simple strand of hair leading to the turning point in our lives?


"They sun themselves in the great man's light, and feel it to be their own element."
Ralph Waldo Emerson, speech "The American scholar," Harvard college, Aug. 31, 1837. (They as the masses and the herd)

Isn't it interesting how Emerson conveys the thought that most people in this world will bask in the accomplishments of all those marvelous creative and innovative risk takers? It's a wonderful experience instead of "following the leader, to being the leader." A good feeling is when you are the contributing mentor and "the masses and the herd" bask in your contributing greatness to their dignity and welfare? What's wrong with you being their best coach?

"And this I swear by blackest brook of hell,/I am no pick-purse of another's wit."
Sir Philip Sydney, "Sonnet 74"Astrophel & Stella.

It appears somebody accused him of pilfering an idea as many other writers, artists, coaches and just about everybody else has borrowed from somebody else. When Dad belonged to the National Speakers Association, he conveyed to us a common statement. "When the speaker borrows a quote or idea from one speaker, that's stealing but when he borrows from a whole group of speakers, that's research!"

We should be grateful that we can contribute to somebody else's creativity by the letting them copy from us?



"Every human being is a colony."
Pablo Picaso's Epigraph

The uniqueness of metaphors is the meaning it has only to you and what perceptions it conjures in your imagination!

Jog your memory as to what the colony of your life is? What makes up the different colonies within your life that stimulates the different worlds of your imagination. It could be family, associations, work, hobby or just about anything that is empowering and having that phenomenal, enrapturing and energizing effect in your life?

What does this overused metaphor still mean to you? "Variety's the spice of life, that gives it all its flavor." William Cowper, "The Timepiece" What type of variety do you have continuously adding to wonderment and resourcefulness?



"The rulers (in Japan) our politicians and large businesses. The ruled our everyone else, the "Grass people," so apathy termed because they bow in whatever direction the wind blows."
Reiki Hatsumi

Are you one of the "Grass people?" Are you one of the media junkies who let's the newspapers, TV news, Internet- ions, headlines and all the other distractions vying for your mind, direct you to the way their wind blows? Think of the enormous possibility of flexibility you can choose to have?

"Of course you don't change a persons nature you retouch it."
Andre', "Home Port Maurois"

Isn't it nice that you can still make choices?

You can choose to change.

You can choose to grow.

You can choose to be your own person.

You can choose love.

You can choose to be creative.

You can choose all of your own choices.

"You must learn to drink the cup of life as it comes, Connie, without stirring it up from the bottom. That's where the bitter dregs are."
Agnes Sligh Turnbull, The Rolling Year

Have you ever thought of all of the bad memories, experiences and episodes in your life that you may be stirring "The bitter dregs" each day that detract from your potential creativity and innovation?


Humor, Wit

"A sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to our steps as we walk the tight rope of life."

Humor is a learned experience. Learning to laugh can be taught to anyone. It only takes a change of your perception. Humor is one of the chief characteristics, as related by some authorities, stimulating our creativity and innovation. Humor is also great for your health. It not only stimulates your immune system but it also energizes our brain cells with those funny little chemicals that make life more interesting.

"Wit ought to be a glorious treat, like caviar. Never spread it about like marmalade."
Noel Coward

"Humor is really laughing off a hurt. Grinning at misery."
Bill Mauldin

"Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can."
Elsa Maxwell


'Voynitsky: We used to think of you as almost superhuman, but now the scales have fallen off my eyes and I see you as you are.?
Anton Chekhov, Uncle Vanya

Think of yourself with whatever blinders you have covering your eyes? Each of us perceives everything differently. Of course, this difference in our perception is what makes us so unique.

But depending on our background and images planted by sources even unknown, we may have scales, like some animals, over our eyes. Removing these scales over our eyes creates our awareness to the awakened mind.

"On the surface, life is much the same as before?But it is through-the-looking glass world."
Jeffrey Schmalz, The New York Times, December 20. 1992

Some awareness leads to an allusion as to how we see our world. How do you see your world?

What is wrong with creating beautiful allusions of what some people call the "Real World?"

We all experience the awareness of our "Real World" daily but why not change your world?

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

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