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Web Cams: Windows on the World

The webcam has brought a truly amazing variety of experience to the desktop user giving all of us true "window on the world" to webcams all over the planet. With a good webcam software to connect you to the vast array of webcams out there you can see live video as it occurs from such diverse places as???

1. Times Square in New York
2. A haunted house
3. A weather cam from the tallest building in town.
4. The floor of the U.S. Congress in session
5. Live broadcasts of your favorite radio personalities
6. A remote mountain wildlife location
7. The San Diego Zoo
8. Sunrise over the Ocean
9. The day care where you child is playing

And many many more???

The wide assortment of images that can come right to your desktop cannot be matched with any other technology. The first step is owning the best equipment. A good fast up to date computer, a quality webcam are obvious components you must have in place. But don't forget a webcam software package that can provide you with the features and services to keep up with your desire for more and more experiences with your webcam.

This is where WebCamShare comes in. WebCamShare is the top webcam software on the market and for good reason. This powerful software package supports all of the functions you want in a webcam software package. Once you have a copy of WEBCAMSHARE there to support your webcam and to view webcams of others, you will literally see the world open up on your desktop.

WEBCAMSHARE's power is in its ability to manage and manipulate the webcam image in so many ways. You can have multiple webcams open at once, in fact, up to 24. You can use your favorite webcam as your screensaver, zoom the webcam and have WEBCAMSHARE automatically update your computer with the most recent webcam photos.

So if you want to watch for the Loch Ness Monster or just see when your mail arrives outside, WEBCAMSHARE can be the perfect companion to your computer video experience. Its fast, it has loads of features and it's economical.

Larry Blake is Publisher of http://Infobook-ezine.com and marketing manager for WebCamShare.com You can get a 15 day FREE trial at WebCamShare.com right now! For more information visit:WebCamShare.com

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