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30 Truisms About eBook Authoring

The decision to author an eBook is a life-changing decision. The "fallout" from publishing an eBook will change forever the way you see yourself and the way others see you.

Why? That's difficult to say. But the following list of 30 Truisms gleaned from the experiences of successful eBook authors will help answer the question.

So, what are you waiting for? Read the list. Make the decision to author an eBook.

1. You will have access to a world-wide audience via the Internet 24/7 so your book store is always open. You will be amazed when you get downloads of your eBook from 100+ countries and you realize just how small the world really is.

2. You can afford to give away free updated versions of your eBook because of the low cost of making changes and the virtually free delivery system.

3. You can/must/should build a long-term relationship with your customers using email addresses supplied when your eBook is ordered. You can also use this list for communicating other offers to these same customers but never sell or give away your opt-in list.

4. Your readers are a valuable source of feedback on your current eBook if given the opportunity. You can also use their feedback, questions, concerns, and requests to get insights into what other topics need to be addressed for the same target market.

5. Communication skills are very important. You must learn how to write convincing ad and sales copy, effective eZine material, web site content and email communications. Enjoy the excitement of meeting new people all the time.

6. Being in control of the entire eBook authoring process is both a blessing and a curse. You don't have to take orders and direction from anyone else. You are totally responsible for what happens with your eBook. It's an exciting proposition.

7. eBook authoring can lead to self-employment. You can enhance current careers or start new ones. You can use your eBook as a secondary passive income or as a catalyst for an entirely new business. The possibilities are many.

8. Make your dream of writing a book come true. eBooks can fill your authoring needs within a workable time frame, with minimal financial investment, with reasonable effort and with success guaranteed.

9. You become involved in an adventure in creative writing, eBook technology, communication skills and building relationships.

10. You have the opportunity to share your expertise, passion, and knowledge with an audience that needs your help. As a bonus, you are leaving a written legacy of your experiences, wisdom and insights.

11. eBooks are the most cost efficient form of publishing available to you. Recovering your costs is guaranteed. Even if you never recover your initial financial investment, the experience of authoring a published book will still be worth it. Consider it an investment in you.

12. The friendly letter style of writing found in eBooks is conducive to the personal conversation that takes place between the author and the reader. Anyone can effectively communicate in an eBook using simple every-day language and some good planning. eBooks are not academic dissertations.

13. Because of the interactions possible between the author and the readers, it becomes a growth and learning experience for everyone. eBooks can be made as dynamic as you wish. Static standard published books don't have that option.

14. As a published eBook author, you move from the realm of anonymous individual with plenty to share and no means to do it to a measure of importance because of your expertise as a published author. "Experts" have earned that status of respect.

15. The majority of eBook authors can effectively write their book with little or no research. By "conversing" with the reader sharing what you already know and have experienced, you can fill in the details of your Table of Contents. Write ? Research ? Write. Write your entire book from memory. Go back and fill in the gaps with research. Then edit (re-write) to your final draft before publishing.

16. You will learn as much about yourself as you will about your topic as you complete the eBook authoring journey.

17. While marketing and selling your eBook you are also marketing and selling yourself. You are creating a Brand of both the eBook and yourself. You will be changed forever and be forever changing.

18. The passiveness of earning income from your eBook may be new for many authors. You create your eBook once (excluding revisions) then go on with your life while the eBooks sells on the Internet 24/7 using auto-responders so you can carry on doing whatever you want to do. Passive income from working once and benefiting many times over is the principle that successful entrepreneurs use to build wealth.

19. An "ordinary" person becomes an "extraordinary" person by authoring an eBook. Authoring is a transformational process. It awakens the author within you and moves you in to new personal and professional territory.

20. eBook authors feel better about themselves acquiring inner and outer confidence, better self-esteem, more worthiness, recognition for their contribution to the world, and a sense of giving back.

21. Self-employment as an eBook author brings with it tax benefits you may not otherwise have had. Expanding a business around your expert status as a published author, allows you to "profit" from the experience. You can actually use your eBook to build a full time business for now or your retirement.

22. Authors come to realize very quickly how important the attitudes, skills, and knowledge they have acquired over the years is valued. By sharing wisdom through an eBook, you gain an appreciation for education.

23. The term life-long learning takes on an entirely different meaning when you embark on your eBook authoring journey. You are living this experience not just talking about it.

24. You are doing the world a favour by meeting the needs of niche markets that are often forgotten, dismissed or ignored by the standard publishers. Standard publishers have no interest in a market of 1000 to 10,000 people. But eBooks can reach this market and be profitable doing it. And much appreciated too. Analysis of your target market is a worthwhile experience in itself.

25. eBook authors are overwhelmed by their acceptance into the targeted niche market. Relationships are built, new friends are made, and communication is opened up through eBooks.

26. The thrill of checking your emails to see how many people have purchased your eBook ? while you slept or were on vacation ? is one that doesn't diminish. It's like magic that 4, 16, or 40 more sales occurred over the past few days while you carried on with life. It's exciting to know that others value what you have to offer and that you are making a difference in someone's life.

27. Identifying and working with niche markets opens up new worlds of opportunities for eBook authors. Working with several related niche target markets at the same time builds reputations and expands business opportunities.

28. Using the eBook as the focus on your business you can easily expand the goods and services you offer to your clients and customers. Consider the possibilities of an expanded business: CD/DVD versions of your eBook; other eBooks; teleseminars; workshops; training programs; consulting; coaching; joint ventures; affiliate marketing; web site hosting; keynote addresses; back of the room sales; co-authoring?

29. Authoring eBooks gives authors the opportunity to measure success in terms other than financial gain. This includes: contacts with people in a more intimate fashion, marketing to the world not just your local area, exchanging ideas with like-minded individuals, expanding your horizons for personal and professional development, satisfying your interest in sharing your expertise and passion, recognition for what you can offer to others, appreciation for small business owners?

30. eBook authors are on the leading edge of a technological revolution where portable devices like eBook readers will join the myriad of other devices transforming our lives. An entire generation is growing up with portable, instant, anywhere/anytime fulfillment of their needs. eBook sales are growing by 30-50% per year and will continue to grow as eBook reading devices improve. Current technology is providing eBook devices that are about the same size as a paperback with LED screens that making reading eBooks as easy on the eyes as reading a paperback.

It all adds up to just one thing! What an experience! What are you waiting for? Take your first step. Take a chance of a lifetime. Author an eBook.

? 2005 Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson is a published eBook author who has worked with hundreds of eBook authors helping them reach their dream of writing a book. His experiences with writing eBooks, conducting Book Camps, hosting teleseminars, doing workshops and coaching wannabe and published authors means eBook Authoring Services at http://www.ebookwritingandpublishing.com is a good source of information for all eBook authors.

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