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E-book Sales ? Will Your Cover Close the Sale?

Well designed professional looking e-book covers do much, much more than show the title of the book. An e-book cover can be a powerful attention grabbing sales tool. If you are currently promoting an e-book on your web site and don't have an e-book cover to promote it, you're losing money.

Believe it or not, people DO judge a book by its cover. If you've got no cover, only words describing the book, you're losing many potential buyers. If you've got an e-book cover with the title and a background cover only, you're losing money.

As with any sales or marketing effort there are three things you need to keep in mind when designing your e-book cover. #1) You identify a desire or fear your prospect has and have come up with a solution (your e-book) People buy based upon emotions, not logic. #2) Next you make your prospect a promise to have him reach his desire or eliminate his fear. You want to have him picture his desires being met. (This is where the e-book cover goes to work.) and, #3) you make him an offer to purchase the solution to his desire or fear.

The e-book cover should make your prospect visualize reaping the benefits contained in the book. The word, the picture, the colors all should be set to intensify the emotion of reaching his desire or calming his fear. They should work together to bring a unique offer that can't be achieved unless they have your e-book. The E-book cover will then be an immediate call to action. A call to action that is easily perceived and acted upon.

Creating an e-book cover that acts as described above will:

Lend credibility to your product

Help establish trust with your prospects

Increase perceived value

Make your e-book look like a "real" tangible book that people can see and feel

Whenever you look at your e-book cover, ask yourself these questions:

Does it adequately paint the picture of the desire of your prospect?

Does it calm his fear?

Does it fill his need?

Does it intensely attract your attention?

Don't just settle for minimal returns on your e-book. Applying the concepts discussed here will increase your profits.

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