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Internet Marketing - How to Write Your Own E-book

I tell you now the first e-book I ever wrote sat in my directory for a few months. I was scared out of my wits to actually put it out there incase the reaction was "bad". I even considered saving up several thousands of dollars to get a professional to re-write what I wrote.

But of course I eventually plucked up the courage and thought bugger it, I'm going to put it out there and if the response is bad then I'll take it off, if the response is good I'll leave it and continue to write more.

Well I can confirm that I've only received positive feedback from all books and articles I've written. And if I can do it, so can you. I write in the exact same manner as I would speak to you if I were to speak to you in person. I'm certainly not grammatically correct in most of my sentences and I'm well known for my aussie slang.

But this is what gives your books and articles personality! Not just the same ol' mundane thing you get from most books filled with formality after formality. Add some humour into your book (that's always a crowd pleaser), you don't want your audience falling asleep on you ;-)

Writing a book can take a lot less time then you actually think. A few of the book's I've written in my time only took me a couple of days to write. I knew my subject well, and that will help a great deal in cutting down the time. If you need to research expect it to take a lot longer.

But everyone knows something that others will want to know. Ask yourself these questions?

What are you passionate about?
What have you personally experienced in life?
What subject do you hold a lot of knowledge about?
Once you figure that out you're just about there!

? Joanne King - http://www.joesy.com

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