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A Lesson In Email: The Money Is In The List... With The Back-End Sales

Firstly, back-end sales is eMail Marketing at its best, so for this to work you need to already have a list of customers that have bought from you before.

The reason for this is because Back-end sales, are the ultimate way to realize the true 'life-time value' of your customers/list. Once someone buys from you, and if their experience with your product is good, then you will have no problems selling to them again and again.

Back end sales will equate to about 75-85% of your overall income. This is how important and powerful this marketing method really is.

But first, to accommodate you if you are totally new to this whole internet marketing thing.

A back-end sale is simply a sale you make from a customer who has purchased from you in the past. Meaning, lets say a first time buyer orders your new ebook. You find a way to collect their email address (through your newsletter, or have them fill out a form during the order process) so you can eMail them promos in the future. Now every time that same customer buys something from your eMail promotions-- --that is a back-end sale, and more profits in your pocket.

As Netrepreneurs, we all know that to acquire our FIRST TIME customers is where the majority of our marketing budget goes. We have to some how direct them to our website, persuade them to sign-up for our mailings and entice them with our sales copy to purchase one of our products.

With all this time, money and energy being spent drawing these first time customers to our website and sales copy it's no wonder why you cannot over look the power of following up and back-end sales--if you want to make substantial profits.

You see when a prospect finally makes the conscious decision to buy from you, then you have succeeded in:

1) Establishing your Credibility to that person

2) Building a mutually beneficial relationship with him/her.

3) (obviously) Closing the FIRST sale.

Now after the first sale, IF your product or service:

1--Comes with SUPERB customer service (from you)

2--Lives up to your promises and their expectations

3--Is of exceptional quality

4--Offers them great value


This is the time to take ADVANTAGE of this relationship and offer this person more value.

Now since they have bought from you in the past and enjoyed the product--selling to them again and again will be so much easier than acquiring a totally new FIRST TIME customers.

The reason for this, is because your customer base will already trust you and feel bonded with you on some level.

So if you want to really succeed online you MUST focus on your current customer base. Like I said earlier, they will make up the bulk of your profits (75-85%).

How do you do this?

Well for starters you can simply offer them another product, related to their first purchase, at a "Valued Customer" discount.

Try doing this for your attempted second sale from them..anythng for them to purchase from you again. And if that products lives up to The first one:

1--Comes with SUPERB customer service (from you)

2--Lives up to your promises and their expectations

3--Is of exceptional quality

4--Offers them great value

This will make the subsequent sales much, much easier to close..because you have:

1) Overcome the obstacles of the first sale.

2) Reinforced your Value to the customer with another excellent product.

Now...on to offers. Another important segment of back-end sales is.. well, What are you going to sell them? (after you run out of your own products?)

Well after you sold them your featured product, your discounted product, your new product and so forth.

Where do you get more products to continue to capitalize on your customer's "life time value"?

If you don't want to go into the whole expenditure of developing another product: Time, Money, Research, Headaches, etc.

Just join an affiliate program. This is what I like to refer to as being the 'ultimate back-end.'

YOU WILL NEVER RUN OUT OF PRODUCTS. Only thing is, make sure the affiliate products are of the same great quality as yours. Also, make sure they are somehow related. If you need help finding affiliate programs to join and promote as back-end product, contact me and I will give you some valuable recommendations for hot new products and services out there.

I truly hope you found this writing enjoyable and informative.


You spend all your time and money on getting that first sale. Once you have overcome this, you have that person's trust--so they will be much more open to your recommendations.

Realize this. And then Profit from your customer's "Life Time Value" through your powerful back-end products.

Thanks again for reading. I hope you see now that Back-End Sales are the way to go for financial independence from your eBiz.

To your Success,

Anthony L. Davenport

About The Author

I have been online for 2yrs and I will help you the best I can, just visit and email me.


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