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Dream It, Create It, Become It! Design a Dream Board

Have you ever heard of "Dream Boards" or "Treasure Maps"? A Dream Board is a visual picture of the dreams you have for your life. Some of my clients also use this concept to visualize their businesses! It's their first business plan. One thing that is important to remember, though, is not to "get stuck" on your dream boards. We all have plans for our future, but it's important to watch the universe for signs of "its" plans for us. Otherwise, we might miss out on some great opportunities!

Step 1:

Purchase a large piece of paper such as oak tag or poster board in whatever color you like. Also, find 4 thumbtacks and glue or scotch tape. You now have the beginnings of your Dream Board.

Step 2:

In the center of your board, put a picture of you that you really enjoy looking at.

Step 3:

Whatever your dreams, goals, etc., start cutting out pictures that symbolize your dreams and paste them on your board. You can always draw the pictures if you'd like. Can't draw perfectly? Draw it anyway! (If I can, you can.)

What are some of your dreams? Remember to include all areas of your life on your board-- Career/Business, Relationships (self-others), Money, Recreation/Play, Health/Well Being, etc. Get specific.... In fact, be really specific and descriptive!

Go for it!! Enjoy it!! Have fun with it!! Tack it on the wall.

As your dreams continue to grow or change, keep adding to it? Make it the last thing you look at before you go to sleep. Design a HOMEshop. Invite your friends over and work together on your Dream Boards Spend a few moments in front of it before you start your day!?

Special thanks to Edie Peirera-Hulbert for teaching me the concept of Dream Boards, and to Susan Ban Breathnach and the Unity 4T Prosperity Program for expanding my knowledge.

?2005 Maria Marsala. From Cut Through The B.S.Dream It! A No-Nonsense Guide To Help Individuals Find Their Ideal Career or Business. A soon to be released ebook that helps it's readers to decide want they want to "be" professionally when they "grow up"! Ask us about being involved in the beta testing of this ebook that arrives on the Internet in 6/05. Visit http://www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com

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Dream It, Create It, Become It! Design a Dream Board

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