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Entrepreneurship: Insight and Closer Look At The Entrepreneur

Life as an entrepreneur is the American Dream. To be able to be your own boss, own your own business, never report to anyone else, work from home, make unlimited earnings and income potential, etc. Owning your own business most definitely has its perks. But on the other hand, there are the downsides. However, being an entrepreneur myself I view these only as challenges. The will to work hard, fanatically, solitary isolation, being slammed of your ideas from other people, the uncertainty of making the business grow to fruitation are all quite scary considerations. But it's best to know that it is out there, that it is the negative side. To be willing to gamble your money, other peoples money, to invest a massive amount of time and energy into your business is something that should be considered.

The psychology of an entrepreneur is quite interesting. An entrepreneur is confident and thinks he/she is better than everyone else. They also tend to walk differently, march to their own drummer and are very highly creative. Entrepreneurs tend to have many ideas and the key to there success it being able to bring that idea to the table and successfully grow it to fruitation. They are risk takers and have the mentality of seeing risk as a challenge not a negative.

In this day and age, we have bred a unique group of entrepreneurs. An article in Inc. magazine names then generation "e" for entrepreneur. They are the twenty-something, thirty-something products of the digital boom back when the economy was robust. These entrepreneurs have been through a lot. If it wasn't something that was within there drive to become there own boss, they were somehow forced or fell into this world of formulating ones one business. This is mainly because of the fact of being a product of the techie days came major layoffs, droughts in the job market. This being stated, it left this new breed forced to fend for them self. When no one in the job market was hiring, why what else was left for them to do? That's right. The only solution was to start a business. And it's fascinating to know of the bunch that have gone this route.

Just look at the founders of FUBU clothing, P Diddy's success, Bill Gates is now a legend, Jamba Juice, The Body Shop and so on. They are all successful entrepreneurs who have accomplished what they wanted to achieve. They say it usually takes many failed businesses for an entrepreneur to finally make one successful. There are those such as the above whom have been luck enough to have one solid idea and make there entrepreneurship mark just by there first try. It takes skill, it takes knowledge, it takes passion, desire and perseverance. Why in this rat race we live in, it is only the strongest who survive. It is the entrepreneurs who change, who mold and who defy the ethics of what we call "structured" "formalized" techniques in the corporate world.

The creative mind has come along way. A true entrepreneur is one we call a "serial entrepreneur." These breeds are true to there work and have started many businesses several times over. Entrepreneurs are businessperson to be on the watch for. Accomplishing the American Dream, they continue to fuel the economy and change the world with their new businesses and ideas. Inventors, artist, tinkerers, business owners alike are all models of an entrepreneur. Once you get some of them started, watch out. There is great admiration for the entrepreneur. The ability to think differently, possess creative talents, have desire and passion are the roots of a true entrepreneur.

I commend them all. Bravo entrepreneur, Bravo.

About the Author:
Jennifer Lynn is an ecommerce entrepreneur, artist, writer, and musician based in New York-Chicago.

She has written and contributed numerous articles online about adult entertainment, entrepreneurship, ecommerce, technology, pop culture, generation x, quarter life and city trends & news.

A highly creative entrepreneur with focus in web marketing, business development and ecommerce. Presently, she is involved in JMR, an online referral biz for artists in the entertainment industry. She also runs other ecommerce sites including an interactive entertainment hub and her own personal site.

Before startin' JMR, Jennifer Lynn was a tech recruiter with a Chicago based start-up company. She's also a professional pianist. Jennifer Lynn received her degree from De Paul University in liberal arts.

When she's not workin' away, you can find her lofting on a beach, into travel, and dabbling in new creative ventures with artists & entrepreneurs around town.

Jennifer Lynn believes passion in doing what ever it is you love to do is the key to one's personal success.

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