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What It Takes To be An Entrepreneur Series: Action

Many people have the professed desire to be their own boss, start their own business ecetera, ecetera...

Trouble is, how many people actually take the steps necessary to fulfill their professed desire?

A recent incident that actually happened brough this principle clearly into focus.

I was recently told by someone who is quite well informed on the local stock market to invest into a certain stock as its value was about to increase substantially. Being the skeptic that I was, I just asked a few questions about the stock and left it as that, making no comments nor commitment.

That conversation stuck to my mind and I monitored the stock and did a little reseach on it as well. During this monitoring period, the stock fell from $1.63 to about $1.56. By then, I was quite convinced on this stock due to the research that I had done but was only willing to buy when there was an uptrend which I waited for.

I shared my research with a good friend who had recently been hit quite badly on some stocks he was invested in. Due to his recent losses, my good friend ignored my advice.

When the stock started trending up, I went into it with a few thousand shares and now three weeks later, just got out of it with a very healthy 30% + profit.

So the moral of the story is:

Opportunities abound if only we are aware of them. But if we choose not to take action, then the opportunities will just go right by us.

If my friend had just studied the research I had done and taken action, he could have recouped some of his previous losses. Instead, he chose to focus on his losses and moan and groan about them and let a golden opportunity fly by him.

For some people, even if the proverbial golden goose was presented to them on a platter, they would still find something wrong with it. It could be something as simple as "How much is it going to cost to upkeep this golden goose?" or something as silly as this. For these people, they would never be able to see an opportunity if it hit them on the head because they are always focussed only on the negatives, whether real or imagined.

For others who see the opportunity and take the necessary action, the world will be their oyster and provide limitless opportunities for them.

So, the question is, which type are you?

If you really want to be an entrepreneur, you must take the action required and not just sit back and be passive.

As the saying goes, "You Snooze, You Loose!"

So, take action, be bold and be successful

Benjamin Seow is a longtime entrepreneur and an accomplished publisher. He and a group of friends have recently uncovered some long forgotten system to rake in truckloads of cash from your business. Check it out at=> http://www.EntrepreneurMillions.com

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