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Work On, Not In Your Business

Are you busy? Everyone's busy! Ask anyone they'll tell you how busy they are. But how many people are accomplishing real results?

In your small business, it's easy to get buried in the myriad activities that demand your attention each day. Consequently, a valuable rule of thumb to follow: Work only on income-producing tasks from 9-5. To accomplish this objective, it's important for entrepreneurs to recognize the difference between activity and action.

Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines activity as:

1. The quality or state of being active. 2. Energetic movement. 3. Natural or normal function. 4. A pursuit in which a person is active. 5. A state of motion.

Working in your business is that state of constant activity where you feel as if you're spinning your wheels, but not making any progress toward your objective. You can easily get hypnotized with shuffling and sorting papers, surfing the Net, replying to each e-mail as it pops up in your Outlook and other non-income generating tasks.

On the other hand, the word action is defined as:

1. The bringing about of an alteration. 2. A manner or method of performing an act of will. 3. Behavior producing a result or outcome.

Working on your business is that state of action that produces results. So, what are your goals for your business in the next 30 or 90 days? Take the steps to accomplish your goals now! Network. Speak at events. Write articles. Make telephone calls. And, follow up!

If you are inclined toward busy activity, hire a virtual assistant for the mundane tasks, a professional organizer for organizing your files and office, a book-keeper for your receipts, bills and taxes. Don't forget, a business coach will help you implement efficient systems and processes to streamline your business. Whatever you do, get busy on generating action.

? Lena Claxton 2005

Lena Claxton, M.Ed., is a business coach and marketing consultant who works with solo entrepreneurs to help them reach their highest potential. Download her free e-book "Small Business Boosts" at http://www.ontrakmarketing.com

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