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Your Company Needs A Mission Statement; Make It Count

Does anyone remember that book "Built to Last" done y the Stanford class and professor? Well change that to "Built to Merge." My grandfather was personal friends with Bill Hewlett and David Packard and I bet they would not have wanted this merger with Compaq either. It is interesting that one night about 3 in the morning I was reading that book and decided to change or mission statement and focus on the things that meant the most to our team and our customers. I stayed up all night writing that mission statement to make sure it was in line with the books comments on what it takes to make and keep a company great. This was about 5 years ago when "Built to Last" was the talk of the business world and it was written up in many of the newspapers, and magazines I was reading at the time. WSJ, Financial Times, Investors Business Daily, The Economist, NY Times, etc. Even hit the best sellers list for a while, not bad for a business non-fiction book by a professor.

You must be honest with yourself and your mission.

Here is what I came up with after reading that book that night, I have not changed that mission statement nor do I feel we need to, it was built to last;


To assist our franchisees in achieving their American Dream, whatever that dream may mean to them. To design and maintain a streamlined system of operations, top of the line car care products, innovative and effective marketing, trouble free and efficient equipment, the best support services and anything which will help the franchisee / team member / our family in their individually owned Car Wash Guys business. To achieve these goals, we will strive to be the best. We will make business decisions, which are good for the franchisees, their communities, their customers as well as for us. Decisions, which are good both long and short term, which strengthen our franchisees and our name, which help us achieve success and help the environment. Decisions, which are fair for all concerned, always creating a WIN/WIN situation. To achieve all objectives past, present and future, we will chose only the best prospective candidates to become franchisees, the cr?me of the crop.

YOUR MISSION (franchisee's and team members);

to provide customers with consistent mobile wash services at a reasonable price. To give the customer what they want and foster repeat business. To provide customers with quality which stands out above the competition. To own a business unlike others which fosters community goodwill and makes customers proud to be customers. To develop a situation whereby when people of our town think car wash, they think Car Wash Guys. To use only environmentally sound products and methods. To retain enough profit to insure a comfortable lifestyle while achieving all of our mission goals.

I was asked the other day if I was committed to those items listed, that answer is YES, absolutely, I have to be or we do not exist.

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