Drug testing

Communicable Corporate Diseases Hurting Business Sexcess!

Enron Executive goes to prison for 10 years, Martha Stewart is under house arrest, and Bill Clinton averages $150,000 per speaking engagement.

It all comes down to decisions on the fly, no pun intended.

What you may not even think is an important decision at the time, could bring down your company or your employers, in less time than it takes to say to the massage parlor attendant, "Do you take Amex?"

Does it seem like the world has gone to hell in a hand basket overnight?

With CEO's signing off on corporate governance, government intervention, consumer watchdog groups, senior lobbyists, and teenagers with 24-hour Internet connections, you would think that we would be free of Corporate Disease by now.


As long as there are decisions to be made by human beings, there will always be a select few that aren't even aware they are carriers of a communicable corporate disease.

All it takes these days is one trip to the doctor, slash forensic accountant, and you have a full-scale investigation on your hands.

So what is the solution?

In short, there is only one logical solution.

Communicable corporate diseases will cease to exist when business people stop having unprotected corporate relations, with themselves and other partners.

What does that mean?

It means the only way to protect you or your employer is to ensure you are wearing your corporate condom before you go out and play.

No different than sex folks.

Know your self intimately, know your partner, get tested, do a background check, ask for references, sign a prenuptial, and then when you think you have done enough?do it all over again.

Maybe, just maybe, you will stay free of any corporate communicable diseases.

by Lee Raito, CFP, FMA
Co-Author of Business Sexcess


Business and financial expert Lee Raito is a Certified Financial Planner and Financial Management Advisor from Canada. Lee has teamed up with US based Internet marketing expert Sam Heyer to provide you with information that will take your business success to a place it has never been before. Their recent book, Business Sexcess, is the much talked about book that will transform how you look at business. http://www.BusinessSexcess.com

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