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Ralph Lauren 2005 Spring & Summer Collection

The Ralph Lauren Spring & Summer 2005 Collection is simply fabulous! The collection ranges from Shimmering Luxury to Breezy Elegance to Throwaway Glamour - the common element is the color white.

Lauren said he used the sophistication of old-time Hollywood and the chic refinement of cafe society as starting points for his collection, which featured several halter gowns, fuzzy cashmere sweaters and some tailored jackets paired with capri-length pants or Bermuda shorts.

Ralph Lauren states "Spring & summer is about romantic refinement - an old-Hollywood charm that's luxurios in a modern, off hand way." The spring & summer line has a sexy blend of softness and glamour bringing out the feminine side in an elegant and sophisticated way. Here's some great sites to see the Ralph Lauren Spring & summer Fashions hitting the boutiques now.

  • NewYorkMetro.com
  • Ralph Lauren Runway Show
  • MSNBC News Coverage
  • Did anyone watch the Golden Globes? Emmy Rossum wore this fabulous Ralph Lauren gown - strapless, silhoutte shape to accentuate every curve with this fabulous flowing layers of material from the knees down.

    Certainly a gown made for a star! How about the Amanda Coat ]$1800.00]? Amazing lines! The Bronson Vest [$898.00] with the Amanda Skirt [$850.00] is also a real looker. Note that many of the Ralph Lauren spring & summer fashions are being accented with pearls.

    Yes I know. Ralph Lauren'smay be out of the reach of many of our pocket books. Don't fret! Have a look at the designs he has to offer. Take good visual notes. Similar lines and looks can be found for much less. You can make your fashion statement on a budget!

    Ralph Lauren was born in the Bronx NY in 1939. After dropping out of college he served in the US Army from 1962 to 1964. He married Ricky Low-Beer in 1964 and they had three children. In 1968 he was able to secure a $50,000 loan and Polo Fashions was born.

    Since then it has grown into a $5 billion dollar industry. Ralph Lauren once said "I don't design clothes, I design dreams."

    This season is truly a season of personal style and every woman is certain to find the right item[s] to make her fashion statement!

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