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Sunglasses; Function Doesnt Have to be Ugly

There are many reasons that we wear sunglasses. They keep the sun out of our eyes, a fashion statement or even medical reasons. But keep in mind; you get what you pay for.

If you are just trying to keep the sun out, the color of any lens plays a critical role in the management of light. Different lens shades and densities make it possible to enhance or preserve the perception of colors, contrast and visual acuity and can aid in glare reduction & elimination of UV rays.

Sunglasses have come along way. In the past, glasses came in two shapes, large rectangle and slightly smaller large rectangle. Now day's sunglasses come in a bevy of shapes and colors. Some are functional, while others are just way out there.

No matter what your style is, look for quality not just price. Check the UV rating, is there a back coating so the sun from behind doesn't blind you. Find something that's light weight so it doesn't grow uncomfortable all day on your face.

If you're blind as bat like me, invest in prescription sunglasses. They can do any style in prescription now. If you are buying just sunglasses you pay full price. If you look into prescription lenses you will find vision care benefits can be used with over 12,000 optical providers nationwide. You can save you up to 60% on all prescription eyewear and contact lenses.

Let me make a very important observation I have made over the years regarding sunglasses. As the older we get, the bigger the lens. Have you ever passed a slow moving land tanker just to see one of our founding fathers barley seeing over the wheel with one of those giant over the lens welding glasses. Come on, were just aging, not slipping into fashion comas. Take some one under the age 100 and ask them what they think. Don't make your own decisions. What do you know? How many hours a day are you looking at your own face?

Richard Amburn is the contributing writer for http://www.rxeye.com a advise on the subject of sunglasses.

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