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Butterfly Jigs Create Buzz with American Fishermen

A big buzz within the fishing community that is spreading like wildfire is deep jigging with the new "butterfly" jig. Deep jigging has always been a very productive way of catching fish at all levels up and down the water column. Large heavy bucktail or nylon jigs were typically the angler's choice of tackle. The jig was allowed to fall to the bottom and then worked back up to the surface.

Recently, one of the leaders in cutting-edge fishing tackle, created a new series of metal jigs that have really taken vertical jigging to the next level. These jigs are widely known as the "butterfly" jig because of their distinctive flutter-like zigzag motion produced under the water. The jig moves this way because of the unique way the lure's edges are cut. Because of the sporadic movement and action produced by the "butterfly" jig, it entices fish to strike more often than traditional deep jigs.

What people may not know is that it is the entire fishing rig set-up that makes the "butterfly" jig so effective. In addition to the "butterfly" jig, anglers also need to have the correct action rod and reel and also use braided line. This style of fishing originated in Japan and was recently introduced to American anglers with great enthusiasm and success.

The "Butterfly" jig was most recently featured on ESPN2's number one fishing show, Spanish Fly, with Captain Jose Wejebe. Since the airing of the show, many intrigued fishermen are asking when the "butterfly" jig is going to be available in stores. Good news to anglers, it is coming very soon and they should check their local bait and tackle stores.

To find out more about "butterfly" jigs and perfecting one's deep jigging technique, please visit Captain Jose Wejebe's website at http://www.spanishflytv.com

?Troy Denson 2005 http://www.BoldWater.com

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