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Elephants Are Really Big, Arent They?

In fact, this very type font I am using is called Elephant! I looked around and I didn't find any type fonts named Ant or Dog or Cat, Just Elephant.

Ok, so what's the point and how does this help you in my Network Marketing business?

Well, let's pretend you were really, really hungry and the only thing left in the world was you and the Elephant. So you pull the Big Guy over to your hot skillet, lift him up and drop him in, right?

Or, being the smart cook you are, quickly discover that you need to cut up your survival food into smaller pieces.

I think you see where I am going here. We can't control what we can't manage.

Now let's take this thought and think about your business.

Does your business seem overwhelming sometimes?

Do you feel like there is confusion? Do days slip away, even weeks and?.Holy Elephant, months tooooooooo? First, let me say, you are not alone. All of us who are honest confess this as truth. But there is hope?a lot of hope.

So let's make this all come together for you. Let's make it practical. And let's say you've had some leads sitting there on your desk. The dust hasn't quite covered them but it's getting close! When you take your first bold step and blow off the dust, to your amazement, it isn't a leads list at all lying dormant, it's a huge Elephant hidden under there!

No wonder you stayed away! The only problem is that you are hungry and something must be done.

You remember the size of your skillet and quickly cut off a small piece just to get something into your empty stomach. Ah, that was tasty. So you go ahead and cut off another piece and that was even better.

When you go for your 3rd piece the piece isn't as good as the first two but you have this huge elephant so you just pick another piece to try. You are so thankful that the elephant was so big, giving you so many choices to choose from. Life is good. You are no longer scared of that piece of paper. In fact, it's something very good for me. It's my lifeblood. I am so thankful I have my "elephant"; I will never misplace him again!

And now you are ready to go looking for any other "elephants" with CONFIDENCE. Austin Helsel is an MLM trainer, small business coach and has uncovered many "elephants" in his successful career. If you would like help taming your beast please contact him at ahelsel@comcast.net or 1-717-687-5250

You've just learned how to tame the wild beast and make it a slave to your needs. You are the tamer. You're in control. And you decide just how much of the success you want in your life.

Take the whole "Elephant". Just do it one bit at a time!

P.S. You can also find a great Directory about goal setting at www.goalsettingcoach.com. Everything is at no cost to you. Check it out now while you are thinking about it!

Austin Helsel has been helping everyday people reach goals that previously seemed nearly impossible to attain with what Austin has invented called the "Success Trap".It's a simple plan you can start today by positioning yourself for guaranteed success with any goal you want to happen. For a free 30 minute consultation and no obligation, Austin can be reached at 717-687-5250 or ahelsel@comcast.net. Just put "success Trap" in the subject line. Also visit http://www.goalsettingcoach.com for more free help on goal setting.

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