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How to Become a Real Golf Bandit

It all started when he lost three games in succession and felt really hurt by the experience. It wasn't just that he'd lost, it was the fact that, when he was honest with himself, he had to admit that he'd played poorly and never been in the hunt.

That was when he made up his mind to become an Invincible Golfer; a consistent winner; a really tough, hard to beat competitor. This is the story of how he turned himself from a miserable loser into a golfer who now wins over 80 percent of his games.

How it all began

It all started when h took a week off work to do a few chores around the house and play a bit of golf. He lost all of the three golf games he played that week, and it hurt.

Later, sitting in his car in the car park, he swore that he would never again allow himself to be beaten like that. And this is how he became an almost invincible golfer.

His Master Plan for Winning

The objective was simple: "to develop a game which would make his opponents call him a Bandit".

You need to bear in mind that he had a full time job, so this was the 9-point plan which he developed to fit in around his work:

1. develop a swing upon which you can rely, even when under pressure.

2. Develop complete confidence in yourself and your game - need to be tough-minded and totally focused when you play golf.

3. Research and purchase golf equipment which will give you an edge in terms of distance and accuracy.

4. Learn all known golf bets so that you can bet to your advantage and apply psychological pressure on your opponents at opportune moments.

5. Dress so that you are always comfortable and look neat and tidy, but never flashy, on the course.

6. Organize your finances so that you never have to worry about money and can focus totally on your game.

7. Take vacations that will give you opportunities to play plenty of golf and enhance your game.

8. Source any natural dietary supplements which will help to keep you fit and healthy and keep your body in good shape to play golf.

9. Develop a home fitness regime that will ensure that you have the stamina to play 36 holes a day, without tiring.

This is how he implemented his plan with such success that when he returned to that golf club six months later he beat all of the golfers who had made him unhappy the previous May.

"You really make that driver sing"

He'd been working on his Master Plan for about 4 months when the opponent he was playing with that day said something that was music to his ears: "You've really got that driver of yours singing today."

After he'd wiped the broad grin off his face he knew that he had just received a signal - his game had moved into a different league. Other people were noticing that he was playing markedly better.

Just a few days later he won a major competition on a difficult golf course. He could feel the confidence oozing into his game. Putts that had previously looked like snakes started to look straight. Fairways that had seemed overgrown with trees now looked yards wider.

Why his method works when many others fail

When he set out on his mission to become a Bandit he thought a lot about the best way to improve his game. One of the problems he'd always had was with the massive gulf between the professional and the ordinary handicap player.

This gulf is one of physique, natural ability and time to play. Most professionals start young, they enjoy the game because they have natural talent and quickly become good players. They then devote a lot of time to improving their game. This is a completely different experience to that of the majority of golfers.

The Golf Bandit didn't pick up a golf club until he was forty years old. By then his physique had been 'wasted' by office life. He had limited natural ability and little time to learn and practice. He just wanted to play golf.

So, when he laid out his Master Plan for becoming a Bandit he started from the point that he was an ordinary handicap golfer not a naturally gifted player. He developed techniques for honing his game that were suitable for ordinary handicap players. And they have worked so well that he now wins over 80 percent of his games.

He now spends a great deal of his time finding new techniques, strengthening his game and writing articles and stories to help the members of his Gang of Bandits to become ever more successful on the golf course. It is his aim to empower every member of his Gang to achieve the same level of victories that he achieves.

The Golf Bandit is a handicap golfer who has mastered the art of winning a very high percentage of his games. Anyone who can win over 80 percent of his games is worth listening to. And, because he is an ordinary handicap golfer he understands the difficulties and frustrations that ordinary golfers experience. He has developed very good solutions to those difficulties. You can learn more about The Golf Bandit and his teaching methods at: http://www.The-Golf-Bandit.com

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